The Tether (USDT) cryptocurrency, which appeared in 2014, has become a real discovery for the cryptocurrency industry. And today, this asset is one of the most used financial instruments.

A fairly high level of volatility remains the main problem for many crypto assets. To solve this problem, the USD-pegged stablecoin Tether was created. When creating a cryptocurrency, the developers wanted to bypass the restrictions that banking systems introduced when using crypto assets. Therefore, the main distinguishing feature of the Tether coin is that it is backed by a set of fiat funds from the Tether Limited fund. In fact, the fund controls the entire flow of funds that are currently involved in the process of ensuring the Tether network.

Many potential crypto investors prefer to take profits in Tether, protecting themselves from the volatility of Bitcoin and other crypto-assets. And it is much easier to send a large amount in cryptocurrency, especially if it is stable. The main problem for traders remains the choice of a top wallet that can provide secure storage of cryptocurrency online. The USDT wallet from Trustee Wallet is rightfully considered the best today. Read the review below and find out how to create it and its advantages.